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marsha948's Journal

11 May
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I am 48 years old, married for going on 22 years, and have two beautiful adult children. I am a survivor as of now of Breast Cancer which has taken 5 women in my family. I have always had a very wild and free spirit, tend to be outspoken and a fighter for life and what is right. I love God he comes first in my life and I wouldn't be here today without him. I can name several different occasions when I have been close to death, or in a dangerous situation, or in a bad car accident that I should not have walked away from. Illness has tried to take me on more than one occasion but I have always won the battle. I believe in mind over matter, I believe in peace, harmony and love. I don't believe if you can't beat them join them. I believe that is a weak mentality and only shows a quitter verses standing up for what you believe in and your passions. I believe in fighting like hell for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and for what is right.